Más fotos del actor de Breaking Bad celebrando su cumpleaños en RD

Aaron Paul comparte fotos y expresa gratitud por su lujosa fiesta de cumpleaños número #40 en la República Dominicana, mira:

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I love my friends. My family. My god. You know who you are. I just returned from the best birthday trip of my life and I have all of them to thank for that. Them and everyone at @aniprivateresorts in the Dominican Republic. Never have I felt more taken care of in my life. My magical wife planned the entire thing along with this incredible staff and turned these past 10 days into something that is impossible to explain. I adore you angel. I just wanted to send a quick note to the incredible staff out in the Dominican. I love each and every one of you. Thank you Ira for making this happen for us. Thank you Jeff for connecting the dots. Thank you Tim for building and creating an environment that can not be compared anywhere else on this planet. Thank you for building art schools in the towns you build your properties. Teaching locals how to become a master artist and you offer that free of charge to everyone that walks in the door. You my friend are a legend and an inspiration to me and everyone that hears your story. If you haven’t had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic please do yourself a favor and make that happen. It is truly such a magical place filled with magical people. And of course if you are able to stay at any @aniprivateresorts around the globe..do it. Also, thank you everyone for your birthday messages this past week. They all warmed my heart. I had my phone locked away in my room for the entire trip and instead of my phone I had two Dos Hombres Mezcal Pina Colada’s glued to my hands at all times. It was delightful. 🎂🥥🍹 @godomrep

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🔵Actor de hollywood celebró en grande su cumpleaños en República Dominicana…

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