Esposa de Big Papi le dedicó emotivo mensaje

“Este hombre, mi esposo, el padre de nuestros hermosos hijos ha sido el centro de nuestro universo durante el tiempo que hemos estado juntos (23 años)”.(Más en El Caribe …)

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This Fathers Day brings with it a new appreciation for life and an awareness in what truly matters. This man, my husband, the father of our beautiful children has been the center of our universe for as long as we have been together (23years strong). It has been deeply felt that the outside world also acknowledges his presence as a father figure to all. Please celebrate this Papi’s Day with the ones you love. Be present in every moment, don’t get hung up on gifts, material things, titles, fame or fortune. Those things can be taken away in a moments notice and all we are left with is the memories of the moments we truly connected and grounded ourselves in true love ❤️ #PapisDay #Fathersday #surroundyourselveswithreallove #groundyourselfinnature #connectwithgod #allwehaveisthepresentmoment #familyovereverything #weallhaveapurposeinlife #iambeyondgrateful #pleasekeepPapiinyourprayers 🙏🏽💙

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