Viral: Arrestan niño rapero de 12 años

Telemundo/Estados Unidos.- La policía del condado Cobb (Atlanta) investiga a un oficial de policía señalado por supuestamente abusar de su autoridad al detener a un niño rapero de 12 años de edad en un centro comercial. (Seguir leyendo…)

Mira el video del arresto:

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It’s jusssss like this! When God is blessing you🙏🏾 Tha Devil🧛🏾‍♂️ is always rite around tha corner to seek & destroy. Tha fact that he snatched me & was trying to drag me around like I’m sum criminal that’s stealing, robbing or killing or sum is #Crazy. But tha worst part is he trying to charging me with a #felony putting my hands on a #PoliceOfficer he say I tried to brake his fingers, he say I cussed him & he say I pushed him! Where in this video do it show I did anything but tell him I know my rights & then when he proceeded to try and drag me my auntie stepped in & got in between us to get tha #Police off me, cause he was treating me like uh lil rag dog he can sling around…. All #Police is not bad, a lot are good friends of mines. But it’s some of you that do not deserve to be in a #PoliceUniform & this guy is clearly 1!!! Right is Right / Wrong is Wrong!! #CobbCounty #Police We must get to tha bottom of this… I’m just a kid out here standing for tha right & Motivating other kids in a positive way. Why try to destroy & bring me down!?!?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ #coreyj #thejasminebrand

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