La fabulosa vida del futbolero dominicano Mariano Díaz

Llevar el numero 7 en el real Madrid implica mucha responsabilidad:

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Mariano: "Today is a very special day, I'm coming home. I can only thank the club, the coach and the president for allowing me to wear this shirt and defend the colours of the best team in the world." – Mariano: "Julen called me and told me he would be happy if I came back. A great part of it was when he told me he was counting on me. I want to give the maximum for the team and my teammates and hopefully we can win the maximum number of titles." – Mariano: "I will always have Lyon in my heart. Those minutes have been very good for me to mature and grow as a person and a player. They've also been important in giving me this chance to return home." – Mariano: "As for Sevilla, I only have words of gratitude for their interest. Today is the happiest day of my life. Today is very special, I've been signed by the best club in the world, if the call comes to represent the team it would make me very proud." – Mariano: "I've prepared some lines because I'm very emotional & nervous. Today is a very special day. I return home & can just say thanks to the club, manager & president, Florentino, for giving me the chance to wear this jersey and to make up part of the best club in the world." – Mariano: "Thanks, president. Thank you to my family, my agents, all of the people who have supported me in every moment, you have made this possible. I am very excited to share the dressing room with great players and teammates." – Mariano: "It's a great challenge & an immense source of pride to be able to wear the number that so many legends have donned at this club." – Mariano: "It's a challenge and a source of pride to wear the number that legends like Butregueño have worn."

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Mariano y su mega jeva:

Chillin con Julia Roberts:

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With Julia Roberts 📽🔝

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Chequeen el maquinón del pana:

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