Wepa! Lechones de Santiago en vitrinas de Saks Fifth Avenue

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“Orgullo carnavalesco y tradición santiaguera que prestigia al mundo !! Los lechones están en las vitrinas de Saks en Quinta Avenida !! El responsable es el joven dominicano vitrinista residente en New York:Raylin Suarez.”

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After 10 years of traveling back and forth to visit my family and friends in Santiago, Dominican Republic, I started feeling nostalgic about all the beautiful memories of my childhood. Growing up, every Sunday in February my parents used to take me and my brothers to the Carnival, a beautiful celebration full of colors, music, and happiness. We used to dress as mini “Lechones” the traditional costumes of the city I was born and raised. These memories always came to my mind as they were one of the most beautiful celebrations we ever had. As a kid, I remembered staring at the Lechones thinking how amazing all those colors blended together. As an adult and living in New York, I have always been curious if I will ever have the opportunity to show this amazing costumes and memories to the world. Inspiration comes from everywhere, comes from the inside but must important inspiration comes with memories, with feelings, with sensibility. Today I am proud to show where my inspiration came from for this amazing collaboration with the “Delegación de Lechones de New York”. Thank you to all the people that believed in this idea and supported me to make it happen and to my amazing team at Saks @ivonnetejada @mollybrdcook @isidrolanfranco @wsimonsays #saksstyle #crativemind #lechones #santiaguero #globalviral #nyc

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*Noticias República Dominicana, Internacional, Nueva York

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