Marcha del Millón de Máscaras

anonEl grupo de ‘hacktivistas’ Anonymous ha divulgado detalles de su ‘Marcha del Millón de Máscaras’, que el próximo 5 de noviembre se traducirá en manifestaciones coordinadas en ciudades de todo el mundo contra la corrupción, los abusos de derechos humanos y la censura.(Leer mas…)

Million Mask March: A Press release
November 2nd, 2015 This 5th of November, Anonymous will take to the streets in hundreds of cities around the world in its annual Million Mask March. The collective has coordinated this global event with thousands of participants since 2012. The message for this year’s Million Mask March is building a better future through collective action. While individual participants may have different ideas about what a better future looks like, they will be demonstrating together in support of Anonymous’ methods and the continued ability for people to congregate under their banner and take actions anonymously. Anonymous has accomplished much in its seven year tenure as an unorthodox activist network. Beginning with its protests against the Church of Scientology, which united tens of thousands of hackers, trolls, writers, activists, artists, and internet denizens against an international organization accused of serious human rights abuses and strong arm tactics against critics, Anonymous branched out to other causes in the 2010s. Their familiar Guy Fawkes masks were a potent symbol in the fight against Internet censorship, when members of Polish parliament donned paper masks in solidarity with protesters. Anonymous has led the charge in defense of WikiLeaks, opposing Internet filtering in Australia and the UK, and against wholesale data collection in the US. The collective has played key supporting roles in uprisings from Brazil and Hong Kong to the Philippines and Tunisia, and was an early supporter of the Occupy movement. Anonymous has no leaders or formal membership, and it is not uncommon for different factions of the collective to actively oppose one another. What makes Anonymous work is its relentless pursuit of the best ideas, regardless of who may have had the thought. Anonymous exists without race, gender, religion, nationality, or ego. It acts where other groups cannot or will not, and gets results. This November, Anonymous invites the world to “mask up” and join the movement.

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