Video: Rutina de @MankoFit pa’ una espalda roca

Este ejercicio trabaja espalda media y alta sin mucha activación de los trapecios altos sir dan una apariencia masculina….

Tag a friend who needs a new idea for back, shoulders, and abs! THIS ISN'T A SEXY EXERCISE, BUT THIS WILL GET YOU STRONG AND STABLE TO PERFORM ALL THE OTHER SEXY AND COOL EXERCISES YOU SEE ME DO OFTEN. !(Video was sped up). •Functional training: the prone single arm row with rotation using an elevated surface ( to ensure scapular protraction to disengage the upper trapezius). •So pretty much I am working out my upper and middle back without really using my upper traps so that I look feminine but yet strong. •Muscles worked: Rhomboids, Mid Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi, Rectus Abdominis, External Obliques, Hip Flexors. This exercise really challenges your muscles because it requires a lot of stabilization and core strength while performing proper form during the movement. These are killers so make sure you start even with no weight and move up. Neutral spine and straight line from shoulder to wrist. ANYONE CAN LIFT WEIGHTS, BUT NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE DO IT RIGHT BECAUSE THEY FORGET TO STICK TO THE BASICS AND TEACH THE BODY HOW TO RECRUIT AND GET THE RIGHT MUSCLES TO FIRE! 4 sets of 10 reps each side 🔥😁😍💪🏽 Visit www.mankofit. Com for personalized training and nutrition E-book #themassymethod #godschild ________________________________________ Menciona a un amigo que necesite una nueva idea para espalda, hombros, y abdominales. Este ejercicio trabaja espalda media y alta sin mucha activación de los trapecios altos ir dan una apariencia masculina. Manteniendo una espalda neutral y línea recta desde el hombro hasta la muñeca, usando una plataforma elevada, harán la remada con rotación externa. Tener mucho control al remar y al bajar la pesa. Recomiendo que empiecen sin nada de peso. 4 series de 10 repeticiones 🔥🔥🔥💪🏽 #elmetodomassy #godschild

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