Street Trader Boasts of Humane Killing of Pets by Drowning

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Pic shows: Chinese street traders butchered the animals and cut up into fresh meat in front of customers.

Chinese street traders at this illegal market selling dog and cat meat are chucking the animals in a nearby river to drown them to avoid distressing customers.

The illegal market has sprung up alongside the banks of the Xi River in Foshan city in southeast Chinaís Guangdong province where authorities have done nothing to stop the booming business in fresh dog and cat meat.

The animals are kept in cages where buyers can select the one they want, and can either take it home alive or pay to have it butchered and cut up into fresh meat in front of them.

The traders said that people had complained about seeing the animals which were being sold live killed in front of them, and as a result had come up with the alternative to kill them humanely.

Trader Ming She told local TV: «We want to prove our customers that what we sell is fresh unlike some of the shops in town, but with no facilities to kill what we sell out of view, the best and most humane thing to do is to throw them in the water.»

He said that the animals died quickly in the sacks and added: «It is a painless death, which nobody complains about.»

After 10 minutes in the water, the animal is skinned and can be butchered in front of the customer or even cooked fresh and eaten straightaway.

However after it made local TV city council planned to crack down on the market which they said it only started last December in which they had not had time to investigate until now.

Council spokesman Guang Kang added: «It may seem as if the meat is fresh because it is alive, but the source of these animals is unknown and many of them could be diseased or unhealthy for other reasons and we would advise people to stay away from them.»

He added that inspectors would be visiting the market and closing down the illegal traders which were damaging the reputation of the city.