Model Dies During Botched Liposuction Op

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Pic shows: Catherine Cando died having a botched liposuction operation.

A part-time glamour model and beauty contest winner died after having a botched liposuction operation – which she had been given as a competition prize.

Pretty brunette medical student Catherine Cando, 19, from the city of Duran in western Ecuador had won her local Queen of Duran beauty competition after entering in October last year.

Included along with the winning title was an Aveo car 2015, a smart tablet – and a free course of cosmetic surgery treatment.

And initially, she had put off having the treatment because she said she felt she did not need it.

In an interview given shortly after winning the Queen of Duran title, she told local media she had shunned having surgery when she realised she was too fat, and had exercised to lose weight instead.

Her brother Daniel Zavala, 24, told local media: «Before having the surgery, she received a lot of calls from the surgeon trying to persuade her to do it, but she kept saying no.

«She was thinking about letting someone else have it as a freebie but eventually she agreed to have it just get him off her back.»

Now the surgeon has been arrested on charges of negligence after she died on the operating table whilst having liposuction.

Lawyer Carlos Reyes Izquierdo said: «I was told she had died of a brain edema.

«But the clinic staff told her relatives that she had died of a cardiac arrest.

«I have ordered cytological and pathological examinations to find out what exactly happened.

«However, it can be presumed as negligence because there has been no support from doctors who have failed to explain anything about the case.

«The doctors in question has been arrested to prevent them from leaving the county.»

The tragic death follows that of Brazilian model Pamela Nascimento, 27, who also died during liposuction surgery in 2011.

The cause of her death was registered as hypovolemic shock, where severe blood loss makes the heart unable to pump enough blood to the body.