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Pic shows: The calf born with a human head.nnA shocked Argentinian farming family claim they had a calf born with a human head that they then rushed to bury believing it would bring them bad luck.nnAnd they were right about it being bad luck after one of their neighbours took a snap of it, and posted it online as an example of the excessive use of pesticides in the region.nnBut instead it sparked a furious backlash among superstitious locals when the images went viral and the family were bombarded with accusations that somebody among their number had been having sex with their goat.nnThe farmer’s wife Olga Villalba has now been forced into furious denials saying that neither her family or friends had interfered with the goat in any way when the mutant kid was born at their farm in the town of Centro, in north-western Argentinian province of Salta.nnShe said: “It was dead when it was born, we just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible so we buried it in a hole in the ground. It was clearly a genetic mutation caused by the excessive use of pesticides. Another neighbour who was here and was curious took a picture which they unfortunately posted online sparking these ridiculous allegations.”nnThe family added that some of the social media messages were extremely aggressive people convinced that it was only through a cross between human and goat that the bizarre offspring shown on the viral images could have been created.nn(ends)n