Fotos – Memorial del Vuelo 587

vuelo587Familiares de las víctimas acudieron a Belle Harbor para conmemorar otro año de la tragedia. (Seguir leyendo aqui…)
Foto via @missmama.sita

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NEVER FORGOTTEN #Flight587 #14Years

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14 years ago today; Monday November 12,2001 9:16am my life was turned upside down. American Airlines flight 587 crashes into Far Rockaway, Queens. Leaving no survivors and clenching the lives of 265 people. Amongst those on the plane was my father, sister and step mother. I'll NEVER forget that day, everything that happened on that day and months to follow is embedded into my memory. I was indenial to say the least, for months I thought my father would walk into the house, say he survived and it was all a big mistake. As the years went past, it was all wishful thinking. My father was my Superman, twin, hero, shoulder to cry on! I went to college just because he said he wanted me to have a degree so I didn't have to depend on any man and had something to fall back on JUST IN CASE. He always wanted the best for me, I believe I only made it this far because he's been my angel guiding me through life from the other side….. May all of those who where affected by this tragedy find peace in today. I ask that God watches over our families for we know tomorrow isn't promised. Rest in eternal peace #Flight587 #DR #RIP #111201

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